A Consignment Art and Craft Gallery

David Perkins

  • Medium: glass ornaments, jewelry, sculptures
  • About the artist:
    • In January of 1965 I saw an itinerant lampworker making a LARGE lace glass ship at a department store as part of a promotion for a line of stemware. I stood and watched so long that I was late walking home for supper. Being a typical high school senior, I thought what someone else made look so easy, I could do too. Yah, right. I was lucky, my science class had an unopened laboratory glass working kit and I talked the instructor into letting me work with it.

      As a freshman at St. Cloud State College (now University) I got a job in the Chemistry department repairing the drawers upon drawers of equipment too broken to use and too good to toss. When they started asking for custom pieces I realized that I was not cut out to be a scientific glassblower.

      When I transfered to the University of Minnesota I found a store in a nearby neighborhood called Bonnard Prince Ltd. They were willing to purchase at wholesale my better figurines. This provided the funds to feed my habit and the incentive to practice, practice, practice.
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